Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Geometric Nail Design

Summertime geometric nail design. These funky nails will look great by the pool. Below I added step by step directions so you can have this great nail design too! What summer colors will you use?

How To Do A Geometric Nail Design

1.) 2 different nail polish colors + top coat
2.) scotch tape
3.) scissors

Step 1
Apply your first nail polish color to your nails. I chose Sinful Colors -Scandal and Sally Hansen HD  - LCD to add a little extra sparkle. Make sure your nails are completely dry, you may even want to wait until the next day for the following steps.

Step 2
Take your scotch tape and cut it into thin strips, although width of strips can vary some. Allow for some over lay so you can easily pull the tap off later. You may also want to tap around the edges of your nail so you have less clean up after.

Step 3
After your tape is all arranged how you like, begin to apply your other color.  I used Sally Hansen - White On. Remember to make sure colors are enough of a contrast to see design. You may need to use a blotting motion in some areas to make sure you completely cover all areas of your nail not covered in tape.

Step 4
Wait until color is completely dry and pull off tape. You should pull tape off slowly to keep from also pulling off polish. When all tape is pulled off apply a top coat to make the entire nail surface smooth. I used Sally Hansen - Strengthening Top Coat

I love this look. Its a little time consuming and you have to be sure that each polish is completely dry before going on the next step. BUT this design is great for when your sick of the color you are currently wearing because you can add another on top to change up your look, plus if your nails are starting to grow out, just make sure you don't put tape at the ends of your nail and the new polish will completely cover any signs of growth!! Let me know what you think! 

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