Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wild Thang

I love animal print nails!!

Giraffe Nails
Zebra Nails
So right now I'm totally obsessed with animal print nails! I have been wanting to do zebra print nails for a long time now, but was way too afraid that they would look horrible. I actually think they turned out pretty good! I received lots of compliments. For the white color I used Sinful Colors - Tokyo Pearl. It's an amazing color that has that pearl shine. It was perfect to spice up this nail print, so I wasn't just using boring white! ;)

I also did giraffe nails. I was totally in love with them! They were so easy to do, and I didn't use any special tools! yay! I again used two Sinful Colors nail polishes. Unicorn (the light yellow) and Nirvana (the brown). Sinful Colors nail polish was 99 cents at my Walmart so I went a little crazy!

If you're feeling a little wild yourself try out these animal print nails too! Watch my YouTube videos below!!

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