Monday, August 8, 2011

Snakeskin Nails


Better than the real deal...

Yes people are paying for REAL snakeskin nails, and paying a lot too! Customers are paying roughly $150-300 for custom, cut pieces of real snakeskin by manicurist Terri Silacci, which is applied directly to the nail and could take two and a half hours to complete!

Well, I'm just a little frightened by this manicure and although I like the snakeskin look, I'm sticking with my "fake" rendition! My technique uses sponging a darker, metallic nail polish over a mesh-like material, thus creating a scale appearance. The polishes I used for the sponging were Finger Paints - Meet Me At The Met and Sinful Colors - Let Me Go. The polish under the sponging is Essie - Demure Vix. You will have to check out this Essie color. It is so pretty and has a slight shimmer/metallic look as well. It was perfect for this mani (especially because I wanted purple snakeskin nails)! For this manicure it was with great debate whether to add a topcoat or not... With, the manicure will last longer, but without the texture is more easily seen. Hmmm... decisions. Well I will show you pictures of both and you decide!!

Without Topcoat
With Topcoat
Essie - Demure Vix
Sinful Colors - Let Me Go
(Picture shows in dim lighting)
Want to try this manicure yourself. Watch my Youtube Video for an easy tutorial! If you decide to give this mani a try post your photos on my Facebook Page!

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